Epiphany of Love

It’s true that there are difficulties, there are problems with children or with the couple themselves, arguments and fights… but the important thing is that the flesh remains one, and you can overcome, you can overcome, you can overcome.

And this is not only a sacrament for them, but also for the Church, a sacrament, as it were, that attracts attention: “See, love is possible!” And love is capable of allowing you to live your whole life “in love”: in joy and in sorrow, with the problems of children, and their own problems… but always going forward. In sickness and in health, but always going forward. This is beautiful. — Pope Francis

This video (below) is of a couple my wife and I helped prepare for marriage this year. Their 7 minute video is an artistic masterpiece and a testament to their faith-filled love for each other — which Patti and I can say is just as real in life as it is in film. No, far more real.

I thought it would be a wonderful Epiphany meditation, as marriage is, in God’s providential plan, the central epiphany of His love for creation.


2 comments on “Epiphany of Love

  1. Jane says:

    AMEN Pope Francis. Thank Thee Dear Almighty God.

    Thank you for quoting Our Holy Father

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