100 hour Bible Marathon, Live-streamed from Notre Dame Seminary!

The Bible Marathon begins TODAY! You are all invited to come out and listen as we proclaim God’s Word! A few updates from us:

1) Live Stream starts at 12:30pm: If you would like to tune in from home, please see the following link to our live stream provided by the Archdiocese of New Orleans: https://youtu.be/5MWXVAXMokw

2) Come Listen: Join us on the front lawn of Notre Dame Seminary (2901 S. Carrollton Ave) anytime over the next 100 hours to listen to the Word of God being proclaimed! We’ll be under the white tent; you can’t miss us!

3) Bible Swag: When you come to read or listen, be sure to check out the “Bible Swag” tent. There you will find free resources for helping you dive deeper into God’s Word. We also have coloring sheets for the kids so please bring your whole family!

4) Mass and Confession: Holy Mass will be celebrated in our chapel at 11:45 AM every weekday. All are welcome to attend. Priests will be available for confession throughout the day on Friday and Saturday. Let your heart be cleansed by the Word.

Visit www.nds.edu/NDSBM to learn more! 

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