Rivers in Eden

A poem I wrote on the Feast of Baptism, on salvation history.

+ + +

Rivers in Eden
leaving behind a Land
parched and dried
done by Gardeners
once inseparably-intertwined
yet now unwinding
as they stole their feast
from God, turning it
into rotting mortal yeast:
“Hide! Run!
Or we’ll be found!”
They hid, or tried to hide
without a sound
among the trees, and lied.
They thought themselves
lost, yet were found
by Shaddai, Most High Adonai
coming down, Light came
un-concealing night
the fruits of their stealing
a God-image shattered, died of
shifting blame, and would have ever
but for his most-merciful
exonerating Name:
He who is, Love, just in time
in a downward-spiral came
of course as a Child playing
all whilst these thieves plundered him,
Here, as at the Start, they stole
making of him Bread, Wine
(even as he did the same, for many)
dissembling, even as they Dine
these wretched, still-to-be-reconciled
sin-smeared, defiled men
all of whom tore a hole
in the breathless side of a willing Vine.
Aghast! Aghast! He can’t breathe! Yet
a Ghost exhaled descends:
They are freed!
By a Gift, a fiat-deed
now, forever, as once then
we, unspeakably wrong,
yet … HE!
The God who bent our evil
for good, into a Song
as love would.
These Singing Rivers
opened wide, freely
outpouring a Threefold Dew
made of Eden’s bluest blue
Of charity’s most splendid hue
Overflowing every plain
Washing away every stain
Water purified
through wood rough-hewn,
Blood-stained, soaked
by a dying Jew
Throned on
the praises of Israel
smiling down
all things new.

7 comments on “Rivers in Eden

  1. mdevries7830 says:

    I hope you know that you often leave us breathless and speechless. Not much to say, but much to pray. Thank you.

    • Okay, well your comment drew tears I am most grateful for, mdv. As I say to others here, “thank you for taking my work seriously.” Today’s post emerged from a deep part of me which I hesitated to share, but your comment made me grateful I did. Many blessings to you and your family+
      Thank you.

  2. tmm says:

    What a good one, it put me to work piggybacking.

    Happy New year 2021
    Crucial will it be to follow the Holy Spirit’s direction

    🤳🏼Don’t just continue where leaving off, time for clean fresh start
    Looking for a way to navigate smart
    Surrendering all to Jesus with one’s whole heart
    Most certainly our crosses we’ll then be able to bear
    Why? Because coming down will be a shower of graces
    Bringing joy, which will unmistakably be seen all over our faces
    / \ http://gigapostolate.weebly.com tmm/PTL

    • Oh my goodness, TMM!!!! Thank you for returning. It feels like the great reunion.
      Happy ordinal Days of Counting after Epiphany to you.
      May God be manifest to you in them.

      • Jennifer says:

        I felt the same way: it is SO GOOD to see you here, tmm!! I hope you have been well. God love you.

      • tmm says:

        Oh my goodnes, TJMFJN, Ph.D., thanks for the welcome. Practically all of your posts are going to my junk mail. With over 700 emails in junk, just had to delete everything, for sure no time to wade through all of that. Amazingly had a manifestation early Christmas morning, guess Jesus could not wait for Epiphany. A monstrous Advent regimen was noticed by the Lord and His mercy and love was a blessing to me. Familiar now with ordinal days and cardinal days, thank you. Going old school, so the Christmas season ends on February 2nd for me. Still celebrating and decorations are up, praise the Lord.

      • tmm says:

        Hi Jennifer,
        Thanks so much for the welcome, and may God look upon you with much favor, mercy, and blessings, according to His riches and glory. Doing very well, thank you Jesus. Hope all is well with you and your family.

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