Barron, George and West

Okay, I know I said I was pausing for a bit, but when I saw this video of Bishop Barron singing Bob Dylan, I just had to share. I also was equally amazed when Princeton law professor Robert George sang Dylan at the New York Encounter I went to in 2019. The same Robert George who is close friends with Cornel West. I have eagerly consumed their dialogues and debates over the years.

So for you Dylan fans, enjoy! And…after having had your mind blown in last Sunday’s liturgy on divine three-one Mystery, get ready next Sunday to face the fact that we dine on God’s Flesh and Blood. Faint, please. In your pew, preferably. It might help others around you at Mass decide to sell their cleverness and purchase bewilderment.

3 comments on “Barron, George and West

  1. MB says:

    Mind blown.

  2. hdking719 says:

    Tom, I am totally pledging to faint IN MY PEW next Sunday and will thus be in solidarity with you and Patti on Corpus Christi. Very poignant of Bishop Barron singing. As always, a thousand thanks.

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