Corpus Christi Poem, “Pazzo d’amore”

Black mass organizers face lawsuit over stolen Host

I wrote this meditation after Mass one day, during a dark stretch in life.

+ + +

Pazzo d’amore

I came to Mass that Sun day, tired
my heart was low, nearly expired
feeling useless, I, flat, uninspired
through hollow hallow rites I passed, afar
trying hard to enter, to exit my scar(s)
and locate my clouded, opaque loadstar
then the time for Remembrance came
the bread, the wine like me, equally lame
yet see! they’ve been assailed by words of Flame
“my Body, Blood for you thus broken, outpoured”
then lo! my sunken spirit, of sudden, was floored
met right there by a High God lanced by a sword
meeting me in my dung-smeared dust on the ground
there he got lost, with me, making my lost to be found
which is oh so fitting for this FarNear relentless Hound;
this plastered God-slaving-King become Food, Drink
meeting us at downest points, farest edges, on the brink
for he is not-ever, never-is-was or will-be what we think
but there, here, Nowhere is trans-insanely present for our Dining
is he there, oh yes, but ever so gently in every darkness, Shining
inviting us to rejoice High with him, whilst drunkenly Wining.
See, it is Love alone in it all that They are Signing. Amen! Alleluia!

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