“…and my mum still be here…”

The Church, sharing the joy and hope, the grief and anguish of the people of our time, especially those who are poor or affected in any way, feels it has a serious obligation to join with those who are working, without self-interest and with dedication, to find concrete and urgent solutions to the housing problem and to see that the homeless receive the necessary attention and concern on the part of public authorities. — Pope St. John Paul II

As I watched this video, I thought of a priest I knew back in the early 1990’s. Every Christmas Eve, he would open his parish center to the local homeless population, offer a Christmas feast for them and then sleep with them on the floor in a sleeping bag. Then get up in the morning to celebrate all the Christmas Masses. In fact, he eventually started doing this once every few months, taking turns with other churches, synagogues and mosques welcoming the homeless in this way. And inviting parishioners to join him. Which they did.

The rest of the year, he dedicated himself to advocating with other religious communities and NGOs for homeless in his urban parish territory.

“The tender compassion of our God” awaits our flesh to become fully incarnate.

2 comments on ““…and my mum still be here…”

  1. Dora G Cividino says:

    Homelessness breaks the heart. It’s a phenomenon that never existed while I was growing up decades ago and the only cause I can attribute it to is the removal of God from the family and the family in turn disassembling. Millions, where I live, are being spent in search of solutions – outcomes ambiguous. God help us all.

    • Dora, thank you so much for your comment and for reading. I think I posted a response but I didn’t see it go through so here it goes again. Yes, the reality of homelessness is heartbreaking indeed. And it’s causes our complex, certainly connected to what you mention there’s no doubt. In a class I teach, I reflect with my students on how homelessness relates to the churches mission and among other things we read this article on the history of the phenomenon in the US. Much more to it but it’s interesting to think about its history.
      God bless you and may we all fulfill Christ’s command to welcome the homeless into a home in whatever way we are able. And may our leaders have the wisdom and compassion to respond to the deep roots of this social crisis

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