Ashley and Maria, “getting there”


My daughter Maria, who is graduating from college, had to create a music video for her final project in an independent study class. She had to write the song and produce, direct, create and edit the video. For the last several months, she seemed to be working on it non-stop.

On Sunday it was featured in the University of New Orleans film festival and Patti and I got to see it last evening for the first time. As she explained all that went into creating it, I realized how much detail work goes into literally every frame of something like that! Like, insane attention to minute details.

As I’ve watched it over and over, I think of the words of a poem Maria had written in high school describing her view of a ‘pen’ as an instrument of her creativity:

There for my compulsions of cathartic release
A vacuum for my thoughts ‘til my mind is at peace

The greatest of listeners, absorbing every thought
Unfailingly present whenever you’re sought

Upon your exemplary performance, my success is dependent
With you in my grasp, my thoughts grow transcendent

Transporting me to where my mind is seldom sedentary
I yield to your craft, O slanderer of the ordinary

Enjoy her kaleidoscopic slandering! And try to interpret her story as she and Ashley return to performing…

5 comments on “Ashley and Maria, “getting there”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I haven’t even watched it yet but have tears in my eyes having followed your Mashley updates all these years… (graduating already? seriously?)

    Your and Patti’s hearts must be absolutely exploding!

    Will watch as soon as I get home.

    God bless Maria!

  2. Marian says:

    Congratulations, Tom! You and Patti have raised a very talented young woman. Enjoy the graduation!


  3. Katy says:

    So good. Also, “slanderer of the ordinary” – woo what a line!

    I (still) love their voices together, and am glad they’re creating.

    As to the meaning of the video, I’ve now watched it twice, and noticed:

    The timing of color vs. black and white.
    The timing of digital effects vs footage of humans with little editing.
    It seems that something about the music, what is heard, brings stability and regularity.
    The focal point of the camera – cool! And neat that it disappears when the feel cuts to more raw footage and pure sound. (fewer effects, both visual and audio)

    Well done, Maria. And congrats on graduating!

    • I shared this with her — THANK You for taking HER work seriously always, Katy ❤
      You caught much of her intention as she expressed it to me
      And thanks re graduation!!! Yesterday — and it was so emotional for Patti and me.
      HOW?? Time never waits.
      God bless you

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