St. Charles de Foucauld

From Pope Francis’ homily on the occasion of
Charles de Foucauld’s canonization by Pope Francis
on 15 May 2022 in Rome:

To serve the Gospel and our brothers and sisters,
to offer our lives without expecting anything in return,
any worldly glory: this is a secret and it is our calling.
That was how our fellow travelers canonized today
lived their holiness.
By embracing with enthusiasm their vocation
– as a priest, as a consecrated women, as a lay person –
they devoted their lives to the Gospel.
They discovered an incomparable joy
and they became brilliant reflections of the Lord of history.
For that is what a saint is: a luminous reflection of the Lord of history.
May we strive to do the same.
The path of holiness is not barred;
it is universal and it starts with Baptism.
Let us strive to follow it, for each of us is called to holiness,
to a form of holiness all our own.
Holiness is always “original”, as Blessed Carlo Cutis used to say:
it is not a photocopy, but an “original”, mine, yours, all of ours.
It is uniquely our own. Truly, the Lord has a plan of love for everyone. He has a dream for your life, for my life, for the life of each of us.
What else can I say? Pursue that dream with joy.

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