Silent in Death

The dead are silent because they live,
just as we chatter so loudly
to try to make ourselves forget that we are dying.
Their silence is really their call to me,
the assurance of their immortal love for me. ― Karl Rahner

Over the last three years I have frequented my mother’s grave. There I find a sanctuary, a space of silence and proximity to her. The tomb is a womb birthing this world into a New One, the perishable into the imperishable, and revering the dead catches one up into life’s final sweep. If willing.

Her silence in death is no indifference, but rather her exquisitely close listening. Her ear inclined. Not a sound, to ensure catching the faintest flutter of my heart — and turn it Upward.

They say the last two sanctuaries of silence in our civilization are churches and libraries. Sadly, libraries more than churches of late. But I would also add graveyards, protected because unfrequented; unfrequented because of our deathly fear of silence, of finality, of the total loss of all control. And yet, these three are what frame life’s beauty and permit its liberation. These alone. Remove any of them and your life becomes shallow, pale, anemic.

The dead who are dead to themselves are the greatest of listeners. They know best the silence that is the secret mystery of the Age to Come.

Be still, and know. Allow this, allow the dead to teach you freedom.

I live here in exile
My home is not my heart
They’re miles and oceans apart
So i long for the mountains
Beyond the grey city walls
I pray tonight they’ll fall

Then the sun will shine on me
Send the light and set me free
I’ll be off and on my way
On my Independence Day
All the songs i could not sing
And all the words i could not say
I’ll be shouting everything
On my Independence Day
Every day i dream of leaving
Cause there’s no end in sight
I got to shine my own light
Just can’t wait any longer
For you to make it alright
It’s time to live my own life

Chorus repeat

I can feel trouble disappear
Anywhere the road will lead
If it takes me far away from here

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