A life without challenges

A life without challenges doesn’t exist,
and that is one reason a child needs a mother.
Mothers fulfill a vital role by helping children
look realistically at life’s problems,
without getting lost in them.
A mother helps her children
to tackle problems courageously
and to become strong enough to overcome
the problems they inevitably confront.
Of course, in this role a mother walks a fine line,
seeking a healthy balance for a child.
That means a mother does not always
take the child along the safe road,
because in that way the child cannot develop,
but neither does she leave the child only on the risky path,
because that is dangerous.
A mother knows how to balance things.
A mother helps her children grow up
and wants them to grow strong.
She does not want children to pursue
a frivolous life or to become lazy,
sinking into a comfortable lifestyle
in which they content themselves with possessions.
A mother thus takes care that her children grow
capable of accepting responsibilities,
of engaging in life,
of striving for great ideals.
The Virgin Mary provides the same kind of care
for us that she provided for Jesus in Nazareth.
That means she helps us to grow as human beings
and in the faith, to be strong
and never to fall into the temptation
of being human beings and Christians in a superficial way,
but to live responsibly, to strive ever higher. – Pope Francis

2 comments on “A life without challenges

  1. Mark says:

    The video at the end gave me the “vapors”. Thanks Tom

  2. Sheri Derbes says:

    Blogs like that should come with a Warning sign, “TISSUES NEEDED!”
    Thanks for sharing both the Pope Francis prayer and video ~ much needed as I send my children back to school in faith that I’m doing the right thing.

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