Eternal Wonder

There is at once for the soul
an aspect of stability and possession,
which is her participation in God,
and an aspect of movement,
which is the ever-infinite gap
between what she possesses of God
and what He is.
Spiritual life is thus
an everlasting transformation of the soul
in Christ Jesus
in the form of a growing desire,
a thirst for God growing
as participation in Him increases,
which is accompanied by a growing stability,
the soul becoming simple,
and fixed ever more firmly in God. – Fr. Jean Danielou

Two thoughts to share today.

First, in honor of Fr. Danielou’s vision of God’s immensity vis-à-vis his creation, I will share this video look at the Webb telescope’s extraordinary ability to peer into deep space in high def — reminding us, with even more stark clarity than Hubble, just how staggeringly VAST and lovely this creation is:

Second, I happened on this incredibly sweet video of a 94 year old woman sharing her experience of prayer. It was so moving to me, and is so pure in its wisdom. When I heard her, I thought of Fr. Danielou’s idea of this infinite journey into the “depths of God” (1 Cor. 2:10) — a journey that knows no end, in this life or in the next. Danielou makes much here of St. Gregory of Nyssa’s idea of epektasis. Epektasis means “stretching forward,” and for Nyssa explicates our call to deep-dive into a fathomless knowledge and love of the mystery of God.

So I’ll share with you this little clip of her general reflections on prayer. Click here.

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