Soapberry Assumption

Someone I know who has a gift for writing, penned a poem in honor of the bodily Assumption of the Virgin Mary. So in honor of today’s solemn Feast, I asked him if I could post his poem. He agreed, as long as it was anonymous.

I hope you are blessed by it as much as I was.

+ + + +

Soapberry Assumption

The dove’s silhouette shines
fine and feminine
in fading light

Perched atop rusted wire
she opens her wings
and pumps upward
like a swimmer
into blue air
of cloud-banded sky

evening prayer
full of grace
and winsome play

In the distance
beneath acrobatic flight
an abandoned farmhouse
bends its knees in tall weeds

Humped roof
shorn of shingles
stabbed by branch

Oh, Mary
on your last day
on wounded earth
did the Spirit truly mend
the splintered timber
of your pierced heart?

I trudge the lane
to my barn
boots cloaked in dust
of drought
and doubt

Bones groan
back aches
tendons twitch
my spirit spits

I stoop beneath a soapberry tree
to gather golden
glistening seed

To the boughs above
returns the dove
She alights and bows
awaits my smile

Against blaze of setting sun
I cast the molten fruit
which licks the air
like tongues of fire
Light and grace
fill the space
my spirit shouts, Mary!

O Mary
bedecked in jewels
body and soul
head to toe!

No hallowed crypt exists
No ancient passage
describes your passing
Yet this simple dove
these golden beans
convey the essence
of the scene

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