Pausing on Christ the King

Happy Vigil of the Feast of Jesus Christ the King of the Universe! On this feast I think of Canon 225 §2, which is set in the section of Canon Law dealing with the duties of the faithful:

According to each one’s own condition, they are also bound by a particular duty to imbue and perfect the order of temporal affairs with the spirit of the gospel and thus to give witness to Christ, especially in carrying out these same affairs and in exercising secular functions.

…which then makes me think of Kenneth Himes’ assertion that “the sacred is the sacramental form of the secular, i.e., the sacred is the secular in its full depth.”

And where do we see the “sacred” most fully manifest in this life? The Eucharistic Liturgy, where we are apprenticed by Christ to become artisans (tektōn) of heaven on earth. Which makes the “Go, be sent!” at the end of the liturgy Christ’s co-mission that we, in fact, bring the secular to its full depth

See in the icon above the Template for this remarkable and risky mission.

I will pause from writing until December 11 so I can attend to the many present duties of life. May we all live our duties out in the spirit of Canon 225 §2.


2 comments on “Pausing on Christ the King

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is such a wild icon! Just so powerful, it gives me chills. Thank you for sharing this meditation on this eve of the end of the liturgical year. Thank you for always spurring us on to sanctify the world through our unique lives. Praise God! (Love this video, which you’ve shared at least once before)

    Wishing you a productive repose! I imagine, based on these dates a lot of end-of-term teaching, reading, grading, etc. amids everything else on your very full plate. God bless you and of course, your dear seminarians as they wrap up their semester.

    Peace and joy to the NealFam, my friend!

  2. amyansaturday says:

    Godspeed my dear friend! With my new disabilities I had given up my artistic gifts. After 2 1/2 years I was given a nudge by the Holy Spirit to quit feeling sorry for myself and remaster my art studio so that I can slowly get back to creating. Love the vid! As always you inspire!

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