Veters & Neal: Discernment Workshop

On a Saturday this September 29 and again on October 13, Dr. Susie Veters and I will be leading a “Discernment Workshop” that offers a fresh perspective on discerning God’s will in everyday life, and introduces participants to the StrengthsFinder gift assessment. This is a unique approach precisely because it takes the “self-knowledge” dimension of […]

De-mystifying discernment, part III

This last post is a “scraps” post — a few leftover thoughts relevant to what I am hoping to say. Let me recommend one book here on vocation and discernment that is applicable to a wide spectrum of people: Personal Vocation by Germain Grisez and Russell Shaw. Okay, here we go: At the end of […]

Catholic Competitors

My wife and I were talking last weekend about some of the strange and campy competitions that can develop in a Catholic culture. Who are the real Catholics? The serious Catholics? The radical Catholics? The über Catholics? Sometimes it’s subtle, like that quiet internal judgy or defensive flinch that flares up when you’re with someone […]

How to say Yes to God, No to others

A time ago, I was speaking to a young woman about her attempts to discern God’s will in her life. She gave me permission to share her story. She came to me because she felt paralyzed by the instability in her life. The last eight years had been marked by erratic, disconnected, short-term commitments. I […]

Patiently seeking truth

To be patient means not to allow the serenity and discernment of one’s soul to be taken away. — Josef Pieper If you had asked me what patience was before I read Josef Pieper’s book on virtue, I would have said something like “the ability to endure hardships over a period of time in pursuit […]

Thank you, Bag of Donuts

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” ― Robert Frost I mentioned last weekend here that Jerry Christopher, bass player in the NOLA band Bag of Donuts, helped inspire confidence in (my daughter) Maria and Ashley by offering them their first opportunity to perform in a public venue. Watching the girls perform that night, […]

Loving God with a bowl of milk

Last Spring, a young man came to me asking me for insight into his vocational discernment. He said with great sincerity, “How can you love God well when you have a wife and children who distract you from giving yourself only to Him? You see, this is what tortures me, that I feel I have […]